Pruduct Sales ( Affiliate Marketing)

Now there are  many affiliate sites ready to give you commission for sales their product. Its may be cloth, software, eBook, sports item, mobile or domain name, etc. It has few easy step:

  • You should chose a site where you will find your selling product. 
  • Chose perfect product which is easy to sale for you. 
  • Place your product link on your site or blog. 
  • Promote your site/blog link 
And count your commission :) 
for example: you can see a blog : 

Where will you find product: 
For product sale Amazon is 1st chose of maximum people. CJ is also good as know I.

Product Chose:
When you chose your product for sell, you should have minimum knowledge on this product. Offer on product can easy for sales.

Your site or Blog:
You can make a free blog or site. Write a epic blog/review on this product. You also can buy a domain name from Name Cheap; I found domain name here for cheap.Build a site for hosting. Site building is a difficult but many site ready to build your site without any cost. You should to Invest little more for hosting. I will recommend you Host 1 Plus , Interserver, Web hosting pad, Tranky Internet

Promote your blog/site link:
There are many way to promote a link. share it with your friend, social media or other blog. you can advertise on absence.

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