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This website is the most popular traffic exchange network. It allows you to create your own web pages, referral links from other programs, banner and text ads, and build their own downline here.

How does it work?
For each site visited ("surfing"), you get a visitor to your website. provide its fair share of 1:1. No limits, you can receive per day - 10, 100 or even 1000.
You can earn credits and receive bonuses on any price to see. Each credit you earn can be redeemed for a visitor to your website. Other terms are explained below.
You can also convert text and banner impressions in the "Credits -> Impressions" and his banner and text ads.
You can expect your Paypal / Payza account if you must earn a minimum of $ 3.00.

What can you do EasyHits4U?

       Promote your websites and referral links from other programs in use.
       Promote your banner and text ads to other users.
       Add your link in our directory reciprocal link.
       Submit your articles to our Articles section, and more.

How can you make money with EasyHits4U?

       Receive money for active navigation ratio of $ 0.30 per 1000 page views.
       It 'paid $ 0.10 per person. See sailed over 100 destinations



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