Earn money by Writing Reviews :

What is Review Writing ?

It is an article you write for an advertiser. You write  a post about their products and services and then post the reviews  on your own blogs. Write the post in your own view.

You can avoid your bid, but when you dealing  with an advertiser you must follow every advertisers requirements.  Regardless of what an advertiser requests the site always fully support site-wide disclosures.

There are many reasons to join here.

    Earn lots of dollars writing posts.
    Highly targeted content will drive quality search engine traffic to your site.
    Increase readership of your blog by writing high quality articles that your audience will appreciate. First rule of blogging is "post often"; it is the key to attracting subscribers.

How it Works:

    You can create a profile for your blog(s) in order to attract advertisers. Advertisers will purchase posts from you, which you have the option to accept or decline.
    You can also search for advertisers directly, and bid on jobs. Our unique bidding system allows you to negotiate your rates with advertisers in order to maximize your earnings.

Once you have accepted a post opportunity, you have 7 days to complete your assignment. Upon posting the post on your blog, you must enter the URL of the post into our system.

    Our staff will then assess your post to ensure that it meets our quality guidelines. Once approved, your account is credited with the amount agreed.
    Every two weeks, accounts with an outstanding balance are paid instantly via PayPal.


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